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FAQ - How do you detect tampering and alterations?

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How do you detect tampering, alterations and deep fakes?
Since 1987, Photoshop allows anyone to easily manufacture fake digital images and DeepFaceLab can face swap within any video, which has become prevalent in the creation of revenge porn and tribute videos. Programs like Mocha Pro, can seamlessly remove or insert a weapon into a person's hand even during complex motion. Built-in machine learning and artificial intelligence ensures realistic deep fakes (e.g. Jordan Peele's PSA) that can pass for reality.

Our team is skilled at uncovering the truth. We use cutting-edge technology and proven methods to detect and document deep fakes, or to verify the trustworthiness of any image, video or audio recording (as we did for the Dr. Phil and History)
. We examine metadata, hidden fields, data patterns, and seemingly chaotic noise. For example, disruptions in electrical noise frequencies (ENF) detect editing, overlapping ENF detects dubbing, artifact patterns detect cropping and multiple compressions, and pattern noise uniquely identifies the exact recording device.

We use the industry standardized MAT form in all authentication / tamper cases.
To learn more, read Tampering, Authenticate, Forensics, and Analyst.


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