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Dr.Phil (syndicated)

I was the forensic expert for the Dr. Phil episode "Affairs, lies and Audiotape" (aired November 3rd, 2011).  A jealous husband accused his wife of having an affair.  His evidence was his interpretation of two inaudible minutes from a sound activated audio recorder hidden in his bedroom.  The wife claimed her innocence, and that it was her husband's voice heard on that recording.  To help bring finality to their conflict, the show's production team selected my lab to identify and authenticate the male voice.  My analysis, along with a report by esteemed polygraph expert Jack Trimarco, were presented live to Dr Phil's guests and audience.  Details (here).

To verify the audio recording voice prints, we isolated and grouped unique vowel sounds from both the original (Test) and show interview (Control) recording, and then statistically compared the slope, intensity, duration and center frequency of the primary formants (vocal resonant frequencies) within each vowel group. Even after applying advanced audio clarification tools, less than 20 identifiable vowel sounds could be recovered of the male voice from the test recording. Too few to form a statistically definitive conclusion, but enough to form a probability conclusion, which was stated on the Dr. Phil show.


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