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Audio - video enhancement services
We enhance, edit, measure and authenticate audio, video and image files. Our forensic lab serves civil and criminal defense, plaintiff, high-profile, media, international, innocence, court, and educational needs.

We will deliver a FREE enhanced portion of your file at our expense. If you like the improvements, you only purchase the services that you need.
We offer affordable rates, clear results, creative solutions, and same day service with evidence so clear that our clients win before trial. Read more.

1. Copy or save your surveillance video, recorded audio, or pictures files to a computer, DVD or USB drive. If you need assistance, read HERE, our faq, email us or call 818-375-1700.
2. Sign the ORDER FORM and fax it to 818-375-1711 (or scan & email) to receive a FREE comprehensive evaluation, which will include a brief enhanced moment from your file to help you make an informed purchase decision. We reserve the right to refuse service and we do not accept Pro-Se/Pro-Per cases.
3. Click HERE to upload an exact copy of your files using our secure encrypted service. Or ship an exact copy to our mail drop (13654 Victory Blvd., Dept #800, Van Nuys, CA 91401). Our privacy policy.

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