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Who we are

Traditional enhancement methods embellish details, which can invent evidence to fit the narrative instead of the facts. We don't just rely upon advanced industry software and feature automation, we invented it. As the creators of the world's most relied upon forensic video enhancement software, our methods are used by thousands of investigators & analysts, and taught among industry best practices.

As a result of our unprecedented skills and training, details become clear, identities verified, altered exhibits are exposed, valid evidence is authenticated, and vehicle speed & object sizes are accurately measured. Our forensic lab is widely praised by both defense and prosecution for aiding in quick settlements, exonerating the innocent and discrediting junk science.

If you have shopped around, then you already know that enhancement company pricing reflects lifestyle expenses, rather than the accuracy or clarity of their finished work. We offer affordable fixed pricing, next day turnaround and the industry's most reliable results. This is why our lab is consistently instrumental towards favorable case resolutions worldwide.

If this is your first time working with a clarification-enhancement company, you will find the process easy and friendly. To accurately determine the level of possible improvements, the lab must fully clarify a very brief portion of your recording. They will then share that enhanced file so you can make an informed purchase decision. Because this process requires so little time, you should never be expected to pay an evaluation or retainer fee.

We adhere to industry best practices, an extreme privacy policy, and detailed reports and testimony. Our free evaluation means that, without cost or obligation, we will deliver a fully clarified moment (of your choosing) to help you make an informed purchase decision. We are that confident in our proven ability to produce the clearest and most compelling evidence possible.

Our lab has processed evidence in thousands of cases with results that have been featured in the international news and accepted by courts and agencies worldwide. We provide detailed declarations and, because we do not speculate on the content or meaning of your media, we promote a speedy settlement without the need for courtroom testimony. Our client breakdown is approximately 60% defense and 40% prosecution. While we are hired by our clients, we only work for the evidence.

To receive service, provide us with a copy of your recording and scan & email a completed order form. If you prefer, you can fax that form to us at 818-375-1711. Within two days, you will receive a fully enhanced portion of your recording along with our quote. You will NOT be obligated to make any purchase, and we will NOT accept your payment, until your FREE evaluation results and our quote have been approved. If you like the results, you only purchase the services that you need at our wholesale rates.

YOUR FILES: To provide you with the clearest results, we must receive your media files as they were saved by the original recording device (not after they have been edited or re-saved by any software). Copy the desired files directly from the Digital Video Recorders (DVR), Network Video Recorders (NVR) or audio recorder on to a computer thumb drive or data CD/DVD. Whenever possible, send us the raw files (plus any required proprietary playing software) so we can provide you with the maximum clarity. If you absolutely must "export", "save as", or "convert" video files, then try EVERY option available on that recorder, and then send us all of these versions so we can select the best format to work with.

For fastest service, you can upload an exact copy of your recordings. If a special player is required, please include that too. If you only need improvements to a short section of your recording and/or one specific file, be sure to denote that on your order form. To prevent enhancement Bias, we do not review case transcripts or third party enhancements prior to performing similar services.

MAILING: If your original recording is on a CD, DVD, thumb drive or any other digital form, then mail us an exact copy. Businesses like FedEx, Staples, Office Depot or Best Buy can help you make that copy. If you need assistance extracting the recording from your DVR or cell phone, ask the manufacturer or their local representative. If your original is on a VHS tape, then wrap that in Aluminum foil and use three inches of padding. Our mailing address is: Forensic Protection, 13654 Victory Blvd., Dept #800, Van Nuys, CA 91401. There is a place on the order form to denote if you will need your mailed items returned.

Call us at 818-375-1700 if you need assistance. Real-world examples of our work are on our Services page. On behalf of our entire team, we look forward to helping you. Additional information available in our Brochure.

WANT TO KNOW THE SCIENCE? We also offer free videos, training and software.

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