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FAQ - What is your Reseller program?

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What is your Reseller program?
As a reseller of our service, we are your sub-contractor and you are our sole point of contact. We provide you with our repeat customer pricing, current sale pricing or published pricing, whichever is lowest. We will give your work priority status, even when the services purchased normally do not qualify for it. You will also be eligible for special promotions and services not offered to the public.

We do not require any exclusivity or quantity commitments. Those that engage in ethics or actions that we deem as non-representative of our company image, or accounts that are over 30 days past due, will become ineligible for further reseller status. We do not offer a sales commissions or a referral program.

Once accepted as a reseller, and upon prepayment, everything is discounted 25% off our listed pricing except for testimony and transcription. Audio or video enhancement is further discounted to $200 (up to one hour in duration).

Qualified resellers can reuse our marketing text and media in their promotions, so long as they receive our prior written approval on the exact usage or any changes. We reserve all rights to our intellectual property and you are not allowed to modify our promotional images or videos, nor claim our work as your own.

These terms replace all other versions explicit or implied. Your participation in our reseller program is your full acceptance of these terms and that we reserve the right to modify or withdraw these terms without notice prior to our beginning work on any sale to which they would apply. This page shall be the only notice of changes to the reseller program, and should be visited frequently.

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