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Fast Process

AUDIO and VIDEO enhancement and authentication services. FastProcess  services, once only available in special cases, is now included with every service options. Our forensic lab operates worldwide 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Simply Upload or mail us your files and fax your signed Order Form to 818-375-1711. If you need assistance, Email us or call 818-375-1700. We will reply with a free no-obligation enhanced portion so you can choose only the services that you need.

Law enforcement

Public Defender

Private Attorney

National News

We can correct previously recorded surveillance video to look as good as it did when the cameras were first installed. For audio, our voice recognition filter isolates the target speakers while suppressing the remaining voices and sounds. It is like going back in time and moving the microphone closer to the people of interest. The clearer voices can be transcribed and captioned  into your video. Our newest forensic innovations: camera correction, voice recognition and video motion deblur.

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