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Garden Grove

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A nationally accredited law enforcement agency
Kevin J. Rianey - Chief of police

To Doug Carner
Forensic Protection

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your extremely quick response to our agencies request for assistance on 12-14-11

I was assigned to a case where over $50,000.00 worth of merchandise was stolen from a locked construction yard. A poor quality surveillance video showed that the suspect vehicle was a van with markings written on the sides and back door. All available means were employed through our city and county technicians to enhance the video with out any worthwhile success. Our technicians were convinced that no further detail could be obtained using any known system.

I reached out to other Detectives from other agencies asking for any help with the video. Your company was strongly recommended and I was told I would find you to be both competent and very supportive of our law enforcement mission. I was not mislead. You came to my assistance without hesitation and within hours your company was able to produce an image that was much clearer that what we were able to achieve on our own.

Your extra efforts, so promptly given, will be a vital lead in our continuing investigation. I am certain that when the suspects are apprehended your assistance will be a large part of how this was accomplished.

Detective Paul Danielson #1951
Garden Grove Ca.
11301 Arcadia Parkway - P.O. Box 3070 - Garden Grove, CA 92842
714-741-5704 - http://www.ci.garden-grove.ca.us/departments/police

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