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Surveillance, cell phone, dash cam:  Forensic video enhancement services.

Forensic video enhancement is the process of clarifying digital images used as evidence.  We enhance all forms of digital video including CCTV systems, cell phones and dash cam videos. Our certified audio video forensic analysts are experts in revealing minute details. We combine the latest software with proven science so you can prevail at trial.

We turn poor quality video into video evidence.

Many times a camera captured valuable evidence but due to the quality of the footage it is not helpful. For instance the video can be too dark due the lighting conditions. The recording can be out of focus due to the camera's optics. The saved resolution of the video may be insufficient to capture fine details. Poor quality  video effects its potential evidentiary value.
Unfortunately these deficiencies are only discovered after the fact.  This is when the science of forensic video enhancement can be invaluable.

Our forensic video enhancement services:

Make your video evidence count.

Standard video enhancement makes a video more pleasing to view. Forensic video enhancement clarifies images so fine details become clear. These details can reveal relevant facts. Video forensic enhancement is a precise process. The video forensic analyst adheres to scientific protocols and industry standards. The analyst maintains the integrity of the file and the data it contains. Any alterations to video content will affect the file's potential evidential value.
Our projects can include an original / enhanced split screen video version. This version illustrates the enhancements improved the clarity without altering the content.
Forensic enhancement to clarify subject using his cellphone.

Forensic video enhancement: Revealing details hiding in plain sight.

Valuable details may not be apparent when viewing a video as recorded. Perspective alignment is a forensic video enhancement technique. It can reveal these details and provide valuable evidence.
In the example frames shown below the camera was not in a position to capture the images on the tablet computer. Perspective alignment emulated the view of the subject holding the tablet. The images on the display are now easy to see.
Original video frame as recorded
Enhanced video frame with perspective alignment

A professional video enhancement service: Bringing  details into focus.

Motion blur is the streaking of moving objects in a video. This occurs when the object or the camera changes positions during a single frame. Mobile phones are now so prevalent motion blur has become a common defect in video captures..  
The analyst calculates the direction and distance of the blurring. A convolution kernel is then generated. This kernel is the blueprint to reverse the blurring artifact.
Forensic enhancement to correct for motion blur artifacts.

Video evidence: The devil is in the details.

When it comes to forensic video evidence the smallest details can impact the outcome of a case. Discovering pertinent details is our primary goal. We also present those details in an clear understandable format. In this example we extracted and clarified a frame from the video. We then inserted a reference document. The reference document was then rotated so it's orientation matched the frame. We then applied red highlights to show similar content identifiers. This makes the similar content evidence easy for the trier of fact to see.
Enhanced video frame with reference document insert.

Combining video enhancement, audio clarification and supporting elements for evidentiary clarity.

By clarifying the audio track and embedding the amplitude waveform in the enhanced video it is easier to determine the timing of events such as the discharge of firearms.
Original / Enhanced video with audio waveform inserted for firearm discharge timing.

Professional video enhancement: We make the process easy.

  1. We provide a FREE quote - Upload the file through the secure submission form. We will forward a free no obligation quote.
  2. We provide a FREE sample - We provide an original / enhanced split screen sample. Make an informed purchasing decision.
  3. We have experience. We have worked with hundreds of clients. Our Analyst know how to reveal the details so you can prevail at trial.
  4. We have integrity - Our goal is to establish facts that lead to the truth in every case file.

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