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Video Marking & Redaction: Bringing attention to the facts.

Post enhancement additions highlight on an object person or event. They help to define the evidence you are presenting. Video markings help the the trier of fact focus on key points so the facts in your video evidence stand out. Marking services included highlight masks, circles, arrows and text. We also  can redact any part of a video. Redaction protects witness identities or the privacy of a person. Redaction includes blurring or pixelating the person to obscure them from view.
Key Frame Pause, Zoom, Regional Enhancement and Highlight Mask were combined to show the suspect was armed when exiting the vehicle.

Presentation: We make your video evidence count.

Presentation is crucial for your video evidence to be impactful. Our experts have processed thousands of videos . We have the experience to present your evidence so that it is persuasive to the trier of fact. Suburb presentation is a powerful component to a successful outcome at trial.

Maximum impact for your video evidence.

Original and enhanced video frame with picture in picture enlarged region and highlights.

Redaction Sample Frame

Forensic enhancement in matrix view.

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