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Forensic Audio Enhancement Services

Forensic audio enhancement can improve the intelligibility of the human voice in audio recordings. Adjusting the amplitude of the speaker's voice often increases the level of undesired sounds commonly referred to as background noise. By carefully applying filters that are specifically designed to recognize the patterns in human speech unintelligible conversations can be dramatically improved. Additionally the background sounds can be isolated and attenuated or reduced in amplitude to further improve the quality of the dialogue so that it is easier to understand.

Voice Clarification & Ambient Noise Reduction

The forensic audio expert is often relied upon to clarify covertly recorded conversations.  Often in these situations  the microphone is concealed and undesired sounds such as the rustle of clothing, wind and ambient noise are also introduced resulting in a recording that is difficult to understand. Spectrogram analysis is one of the tools available to the forensic audio analyst. A spectrogram provides a visual representation of all the frequencies in a signal as it changes over time. In forensic audio testing these spectrograms are often referred to as sonograms or voiceprints.
A spectrogram heat map representing the intensity of various frequencies utilizing both color and brightness.

Audio File Tampering Analysis - The tell-tale signs of tampering

The percentage of malicious audio file alteration far exceeds that of video file tampering that we see at our lab. A large majority of the audio files we analogize for tampering has some portion of the original recording deleted.
Typically it is not possible to recover the deleted portion of a digital audio file. However the fact that some content was deleted is much more difficult to conceal from the forensic audio expert.
Inconsistent ambient noise can be strong indication of file tampering.

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