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Photoshop Forensics

Why waste your time with outdated Forensic Photoshop books? Forensic Photoshop image analysis requires the right tools, and no one is more qualified than Kal Hadi, ACI, CTT+, recognized as one of the top five most highly-rated Adobe Certified Instructors in the world. For over a decade, Kal Hadi's training has helped countless local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in their investigative mission.

Public safety and lives often depend upon proper processing of evidentiary images, and Kal Hadi makes it amazingly easy to gain once unimaginable clarity using Adobe Photoshop. His teachings have become an instrumental resource in Forensic Protection's numerous scientific investigative contributions to law enforcement (Garden Grove, LAPD), defense and private attorneys.

As one of the most respected image analysts, he has authored "Photoshop for Forensics Professionals". An updated comprehensive imaging workflow guide for forensic professionals, law enforcement and anyone in criminal justice. Everything is designed to assist beginners and experts alike on how to accomplish each task for unprecedented results, in a logical progression of steps that improve clarity while ensuring admissibility.

Course curriculum
+ Admissibility in Court
+ Setting up Adobe Photoshop for the most efficient and productive environment
+ Digital darkroom techniques
+ Image analysis and enhancement
+ Scanning
+ Camera capturing techniques
+ Analytical comparisons
+ Enhancing latent prints
+ Sizing one to one
+ Photogrammetry
+ Fingerprint processing
+ Fourier transformation
+ Noise reduction
+ Color deconvolution
+ Video capture enhancements
+ Courtroom displays 
+ Surveillance video screen capture
+ Video de-interlacing techniques
+ Production tips and more.

Who should attend forensic Photoshop training? Forensics Imaging with Adobe Photoshop is designed for law enforcement, forensic specialists, homeland security personnel, latent fingerprint analysts, forensic scientist, crime scene investigators, as well as Department of Defense, Information Intelligence and Homeland Security personne
l. Instead of spending your money on an overpriced and outdated book (e.g. 2008), participate in a course toward improving your career from someone who truly understands Photoshop forensics.

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