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PACE fee schedule

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I, Douglas Carner, am listed on the Los Angeles Superior Court Panel of Experts which reimburses through a system called PACE.  My PACE number is 900616976, my hourly rate is discounted to $200, and I only accept PACE cases from licensed attorneys of the public defender or alternate public defender. Due to an immunocompromised family member, in person testimony is not an option.

Use the following fee schedule to add up the number of required appointment hours for your Expert Order. These are the absolute minimum hours required for each service and, while the actual work will almost certainly require more time, my reimbursement request will only reference these minimums.  For this reason, if the judge assigns fewer hours, then I must provide fewer services.  Even if you request too many hours, I will only charge for the services provided based upon this minimum hours fee schedule.  Call me at 818-375-1700 if the services that you require are not listed below, or you have more that three recordings that are to be processed.

 HOURS  SERVICE OPTIONS (choose all that apply) 
3 Enhancement of one video view (ignore the audio, if any)
3 Enhancement of one audio recording (ignore the video, if any)
5 Enhancement of one video, plus the audio track, from the same camera view
1 Add if the above recording is between 20 and 40 minutes in duration
2 Add if the above recording is between 40 and 60 minutes in duration
3 Add if the above recording is over an hour in duration
Repeat the above process, and subtract 1 hour, for each additional recording to be enhanced
1 If you want stills (up to 50) extracted from the enhanced videos (these are further enhanced)
½ Add if you would like all of the enhanced files to be saved upon discs mailed to your office
4 Fee to test one audio or video recording for possible editing or tamper manipulations
2 Fee for each additional recording that you want tested for possible tamper manipulations
A report generated that lists all of my provided services, results and opinions
4 Testimony.  Remote only. Fee (includes preparation time and document review

Provide the court order (plus the judge's name if it's not legible on that order) and PACE appointment form #002. I will also need the court location (see below) and department hearing your case.

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