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Digital Video Forensics

+ Video encoding standards and formats
+ Data losses, visual distortions and artifacts, video metrics
+ Digital videos as forensic evidence and impact of CCTV
+ Video evidence within and beyond the justice system
+ Video evidence in criminal investigations and litigations
+ Content trustworthiness
+ Admissibility of video evidence
+ Principles of forensic video analysis
+ Active and passive, blind and non-blind forensics
+ Source camera identification
+ Active-non-blind methods of content authentication
+ Timestamp analysis
+ Watermarks and digital signatures
+ Passive-blind/basic integrity verification schemes
+ Hash value analysis
+ Metadata analysis
+ Hex editor analysis
+ Dubbed video test
+ Types of video forgeries
+ Passive-blind forgery detection techniques
+ Error Level Analysis
+ Re-compression and transcoding detection
+ Detection of frame-based tampering
+ Detection of copy-paste/splicing and upscale-crop forgeries
+ Current research issues and challenges, future research avenues

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