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We improve audio and video recordings using best practices and non-proprietary software (VideoCleaner, Five, Photoshop, etc...) in a clarification and restoration process. These methods do not invent or destroy data (as with nearly every other "Enhancement" method). In fact, we frequently lecture on the difference between these processes and how to get "Enhanced" work excluded from the courtroom. This lecture is available for purchase. We also provide free training, handouts, and resources (focus, FAQ's).

Knowing our clients come from around the world, we never speculate on the meaning or content of the media files virtually eliminating the need for testimony. We take tremendous pride in the fact that our resulting evidence speaks for itself, and our Affidavits - Declarations fully document our conclusions and methods. An example of Clarification versus Enhancement was seen in the George Zimmerman case. Notice how the "Enhanced" version is open to interpretation (Google). Our evidence remains unchallenged because we rely upon science not speculation. This is why our results win frequent praise by law enforcement and defense. Just another reason we are sought out for high profile cases (Matthew Clark, Boston Marathon bombing, etc...)

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