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Although it requires significantly more time, we use a math-intensive clarification and restoration process, versus the speculative enhancement methods of our competition. The George Zimmerman case is a great example of science-based clarification versus judgment-based enhancement.

In the images below, the enhanced version is open to speculation (Google), while our clarified evidence remains unchallenged to this day. This is just one example of why we are the world's most relied upon private lab, and our results are frequently praised by both law enforcement and defense.

We will improve your audio, video and image recordings using industry best practices and software (VideoCleaner, Five, DiamondCut, etc...). We can provide detailed measurements and prove whether your discovery evidence tells the truth, or has been manipulated. To learn more, review our resources (focus, FAQ's), training handout, and CV.

Performing enhancements and authentication testing requires a numerical, not statistical, hypothesis, where the applied settings behave like a telescope, in that they expose seemingly undetectable details that cannot be expressed using a statistical error rate calculation. It is up to a qualified person to observe, hypothesize, predict, test, verify, and validate their opinions based upon numerical data, industry best practices and peer reviewed methodology. This understanding is at the core of the FP system, our never ending quest to improve our tools & methods, and our methods and software that we share with our industry.

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