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Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel
Second District of Florida
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Regional Counsel

Christopher Boldt
Post Office Box 9000
Drawer RC-2
Bartow, Florida  33831-9000
Telephone: 863.578.5920

RE: State of Florida v. Kenneth Edward Felipe
      Case No. 2012-CF-000645MA

Re: Audio Enhancement by Forensic Protection

Dear Mr. Carner:

      In the course of our investigation regarding Kenneth Felipe, we were fortunate to consult with Forensic Protection regarding enhancement of the audio portion of video evidence. The entire process with Forensic Protection, from initial contact with your company until receiving the enhanced audio, was very positive. We received prompt and professional attention from your business.

If you need anything further regarding this manner, please feel free to contact my office.

Respectfully Submitted,

Regional Counsels Office
Christopher E. Boldt
Florida Bar Number 826839
P.O. Box 9000, Drawer RC-2
Bartow, Fl.  33830
Telephone: 863.534.3689  Fax: 863.534.1611

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