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Audio - Video Forensic Analyst  Doug Carner
  Criminal & civil audio-video-image clarification, enhancement, and authentication expert. A respected industry educator skilled in metadata, editing, restoration, analysis, filtering, extraction, isolation, photogrammetry, videogrammetry and consulting. Mr. Carner's forensic lab has processed evidence in over a thousand cases and millions of dollars in favorable verdicts. Mr. Carner's work is accepted worldwide by courts and news agencies. See examples.


Board Certifications & Positions
Diplomat of the American Board of Recorded Evidence (ACFEI)
Los Angeles Superior Court Panel of Experts (ICDA)
Certified in Homeland Security - level 3 (ABCHS)
Certified Protection Professional (ASIS)
Certified Forensic Consultant (ACFEI)
Video Committee (ABRE)

Certified Training
Video capture enhancements, image analysis and enhancement, noise reduction, Photogrammetry, Fourier transformation, color deconvolution, Adobe Photoshop forensics, surveillance video screen capture, analytical comparisons, video de-interlacing, enhancing latent prints, and admissibility in court.

Manufacturer Training (partial list)
American Dynamics, ArcVision, Bosch, Dedicated Micros, Genetec, Panasonic, Pelco, TYCO, Verint...

Development Contributor
AVIs (Audio Video Innovations and Solutions) - linkedin.com/groups?gid=2461639 (Group owner)
Blurity - Blurity.com (Forensic blind deconvolution image focus-motion corrective software)
Forensic (ver 8 and 9) - DiamondCut.com (Forensic audio enhancement & authentication software)
VideoCleaner - Open source forensic video enhancement and analysis software


VideoCleaner - version 2 (World's most popular forensic video enhancement software)


Video Error Level Analysis (tamper detection) and RGB color delta amplifier (motion enhancer)


Automated open-source enhancement-clarification software (renamed "VideoCleaner")


Invented 3 new filters: motion extraction, auto-desequencer, and motion blur removal


Invented filters to clarify pre-recorded video (dynamic focus and camera age correction)


Developed the FP system (dynamic temporal audio/video noise correction and filtering)


Invented several security cameras, "Pay-at-the-gate" and a wireless alarm (patent#6400267)


Authored articles on security and video surveillance, featured trade show speaker

International Association for Identification, International Association for Identification (California),
American College of Forensic Examiners Institute, American Society for Industrial Security,
Audio Engineering Society, American Board for Certification in Homeland Security

Current: President of Forensic Protection, Inc. (5632 Van Nuys Blvd, Dept #600, Van Nuys, CA)
6 Years at several system integrators. CCTV, audio and security design and deployment
10 Years at QuikStor (Van Nuys, CA). Lead engineer and VP Sales & Marketing
5 Years at Deltrex (West Los Angeles). Owner. Custom multimedia, software and electronics
Bachelor of Science, University of California, Davis (Phi Beta Kappa) 1989

Caseload demographics are approximately 40% plaintiff and 60% defense. My client list includes: Law firms (Wicker Smith, Shouse, …), corporations (Kroger, Disney, RiteAid, …), law enforcement (District Attorney, Police, Sheriff, CHP, …), defense (Office of the Federal Defender, Public Defense, innocence project,...), federal museums, insurance firms, investigators, and enhancement companies.

Recent Testimony and Depositions

(Legend: P=for plaintiff, D=for defendant, N=not applicable)
05/08/15 Llamas v. Twelve Sixteen - San Joaquin County Superior (39-2013-00305497-CO-PO-STK) - civil - video clarification (P,E)
04/03/15 Handgis v Waterfront Hotel - Orange County Superior (30-2013-00645003-CU-PO-CJC) - civil - video clarification (P,E)
03/23/15 Nevada v Julian Acox - Washoe County Superior (CR13-0446) - criminal - video clarification (D,C)
11/17/14 Banderas v AMR - San Bernardino County Superior (CIVDS1211607) - civil - video tamper (P,H)
11/10/14 Chapman v CDN - Kern County Superior (S-1500-CV-2752580 SPC) - civil - video tamper (P,C)
09/09/14 P. v Kyle McCleary - Los Angeles Superior (GA088459) - criminal - video clarification (D,C)
06/13/14 Eric Koff v Trek Bicycle Corp - Orange County Sup (30-2012 00602533) civil - enhance image (P,C)
05/28/14 Sanchez v. County of Los Angeles - (CV13-03836) - civil - image/video clarification (P,E)
02/27/14 P. v David Soto - Los Angeles Superior (VA130222-02) - criminal - route reconstruction (D,C)
11/14/13 P. v Sevak Demirjian - Los Angeles Superior (LA071817-01) - criminal - video clarification (D,H,C)
10/18/13 A.K.H v City of Tustin - Costa Mesa, CA (SACV 12-01547 JST) - civil - image enhance (P,E)
10/11/13 Jerry Newmaker v City of Fortuna - Ventura, CA (C-12-4675-PJH) - civil - rebuttal witness (P,E)
08/14/13 P. v David Morrow - Brighton, Colorado Superior (2011 CR001901) - criminal - video tamper (D,C)
07/19/13 P. v. Jayson Ponce - Los Angeles Superior (BA396403) - criminal - video clarification (D,C)
03/21/13 Dependency Court in the Matter of JT (minor) - LA Superior (BF039110) - image tamper (N,C)
01/30/13 Sharkoff v Fletcher Jones Motorcars - Los Angeles Superior (BC462105) - civil - video tamper (D,C)
(Legend of services provided: E=Expert deposition, H=402 hearing, C=Court testimony)

Recent Cases (partial list)

City Court

Cortland, NY


Audio enhancement

District Court - 287th

Parmer County, TX


Audio enhancement

District Court

Tacoma, WA


Audio enhancement

District Court

Nashville, TN


Audio enhancement

District Court - 61st

Harris County, TX


Video clarification

District Court - Roybal

Los Angeles, CA


Video clarification

District Court

Topeka, KS


Video clarification

District Court

Detroit, MI


Video clarification

District Court

Raleigh, NC


Video clarification

Judicial Circuit - 6th

Pasco County, PA


Video clarification

Judicial Circuit - 15th

Palm Beach, FL


Video clarification

Regional Court

Cape Town, South Africa

Patrick Le Roux

Video clarification

Royal - Nevis Police

Basseterre, Saint Kitts


Video clarification

Superior Court

Santa Clara, CA


Video clarification

Superior Court

Miami, FL


Video clarification

Superior Court

Placer County, CA


Image authentication

Superior Court

New Delhi, India

892 of 2012

Video authentication

Superior Court

Ventura, CA


Metadata tampering

Superior Court

Los Angeles, CA


Video tampering

Superior Court

Riverside, CA


Video tampering

Lecturer - Forensic (last 4 years)


American College of Forensic Examiners Institute - Annual Executive Summit
"The Science and Open-Source Innovations of Video Enhancement and Analysis" (Link)


International Conference on Forensic Research & Technology - Workshop chair
Keynote speaker - "Audio-Video-Image Forensics: Turning Science Fiction into Science Reality" (Link)


California State Division, International Association for Identification (Link) (repeat on 05/02/13)
"Audio And Video Forensics-Clarification vs Enhancement"


California State Division, International Association for Identification - "Converting bad recordings into clear evidence: The science behind audio, video, image enhancements and authentication" (Link)

Lecturer - Legal (last 4 years)


National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers: annual forensic science conference
"Forensics for the Defense: 20 Ways to Win Using Enhancement and Authentication Science"


Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles
"Winning Your Case in the Digital Age with the Use of Enhanced Forensic Evidence"(Link)


San Diego Criminal Defense Bar Association - "Criminal Forensics - Visual enhancements and authentication to win cases and exclude opposing exhibits"


Beverly Hills Bar Association - "Criminal Forensics - Removing the Magic and Mystery Behind Audio, Video and Image Enhancements and Authentication" (Link)


National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers: annual forensic science conference
"Audio-Video Enhancement, Detecting Altered Files, and Excluding Media Experts and Exhibits" (Link) REVIEW


South Bay Bar Association - "Audio - Video Enhancement and Authentication" (Link)


South East District Bar Association - "Converting Bad Recordings into Clear Evidence"


Beverly Hills Bar Association - "Converting Bad Recordings into Clear Evidence" (Link)


Burbank Bar Association - "Converting bad recordings into clear evidence" (Link)


Ventura County Bar Association - "Converting Bad Recordings into Clear Evidence: The Science behind audio, video and Image enhancements and authentication" (Link)


San Fernando Valley Bar Association - "Determining if your audio-video surveillance files have been altered. How audio-video files are enhanced and authenticate" (Link)


California Public Defenders Association - "Winning your case with audio and video enhancement" (Link)

Lecturer - Investigative (last 4 years)


ASIS-130 (and ASIS-40 on 6/17/15)- Evidence Forensics - Exposing tampered recordings (Link)


Private Investigators of California (Link)


American Society for Industrial Security - Audio Video Enhancement (Link)


LAPD (Valley Bureau) All Commanding Officers meeting (Link)


Private Investigators of California - Investigative Forensics: Turning science fiction into reality (Link 1,2)


LAPD (Valley Bureau) All Commanding Officers meeting (Link)


Private Investigators of California (Link)

Published Writings (last 4 years)


The Champion - "Evidence Forensics - Exposing Tampered Recordings"? (Link)


Forensic Focus Magazine - "Considering A Career in Audio-Video Forensics?"? (Link)


eForensics Magazine - "How to extract clear facts from bad video" (Link)


eForensics Magazine - "Detect and prevent file tampering in multimedia files" (Link)


The Litigators Companion - "Don't Let Distorted Media Ruin Your Case" (Link)


The Jury Expert - American Society of Trial Consultants - "Turning an Expert Witness into a Great Witness" (Link)


Homeland Security News Wire - "The technology behind the Zimmerman arrest video" (Link)


ABC News blog - "Video Forensic Expert Who Cleaned up George Zimmerman Video" (Link)


Exhibit One - "Video deblur" (Link)


Security Dealer (Securityinfowatch) - "Improving surveillance with video enhancement" (Link)

Media (last 4 years)


Crime and Science Radio "My Lying Eyes: Tampered Evidence and Industry Secrets" (Link)


Security Guy Radio (Adrenaline radio) "CSI Audio, video & images enhancement" (Link)


Nightline and GMA (Rebroadcast worldwide): George Zimmerman Video Shows Little Evidence of a Broken Nose (Link)


KFI am 640 radio interview (George Zimmerman case)


PI's Declassified on VoiceAmerica radio - "Audio & Video: Budget Conscious Evidence" (Link)


Expert on the Dr. Phil Television show - "Affairs, Lies and Audiotape" (Link)

High-Profile Work
George Zimmerman - Trayvon Martin (Sanford, FL) 02/26/12 (aired 04/02/12)
Matthew Clark (Chicago, IL) 02/07/10 (aired 03/21/11) Link

Law Enforcement

Public Defender

Private Attorney

National News

Educational Curriculum
My training courses are free (the venue or host may charge a fee). The agenda typically includes:
 Determining if discovery files are originals, duplicates or altered copies
 Authenticating exhibits, and challenging opposing evidence and experts
 Retrieving facial, object, tattoo and vehicle license plate identification from video
 Calculating vehicle speeds and the heights of individuals from a single picture or video
 Extracting whispers, voice identification, noise reduction, and on-screen transcriptions
 Common mistakes made by industry experts and why they rarely get challenged
 Industry history, emerging technologies, and effective open-source and commercial software
Contact me to schedule an educational lecture at your forensic forum, law conference or school. Review

My History
In the late 1980's, my friends would forward internet images and videos of questionable origin. Most were hoaxes, but how could I know for sure? I investigated methods of authentication and enhancement. When the AVIsynth scripting language was released in 2000, it empowered me to invent and automate nearly any VirtualDub video enhancement and authentication filter I needed. I was passionately reading every relevant training or science document and publication that I could find, collaborating with peers, and testing new concepts. Since I was providing my enhancement and authentication services Pro Bono, my income came from engineering large-scale audio-video surveillance systems; which provided me with frequent factory training on industry systems, and a deep understanding of why recordings were less than perfect.

Enhancement companies around the world took notice and I became their secret labor sub-contractor. These international relationships work because my lab provides free evaluations and locally sub-contracts speculative services (voice-face matching, transcription, object interpretation, etc). The latter dramatically reduces testimony expenses for our clients, and both remain our current policy. I love this industry and continue to invent (VELA, RgbAmplifier and VideoCleaner), collaborate for the greater good, and contribute to the development of specialized industry software.

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