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FAQ - How do you detect tampering and alterations?

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How do you detect tampering and alterations?
We use the standardized MAT form in all authentication cases.
Either by accident or deception, an audio or video recording may have missing content or an added item. Our team is skilled at looking at the individual data (thousands per second) to find the tell-tale signs of tampering. We will define and document the anomalies at the boundaries between the known and suspect data. Verification can also be performed on human speech (as we did for the Dr. Phil show).

Electrical interference exists everywhere. It originates from external sources (electrical outlets, cell phones, radio & TV signals, etc...) and from within the recording device (dirty or scratched recording heads, unshielded circuitry, low grade recording medium, etc...). Most of these sources leave a cyclical or rhythmic pattern buried within the final recording.

By detecting disruptions in these seemingly invisible patterns, we can document edits within the recording. By locating duplicate non-overlapping patterns, we can detect dubbing. And by analyzing sub-pixel data, we can detect alterations (e.g. objects added or removed from a picture or video).

Similar methods are used to pattern gunshots or how we authenticated the Amelia Earhart photo. The results are then documented in a textual and graphical report. If you want to learn more about HOW TO DO THIS, then you may wish to read Tampering, Authenticate, Forensics, and Analyst.


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