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PrePay PI special

Our policy is to only accept cases from attorneys and government agencies.  However, we recognize that private investigators have a tough job, so we have an offer to make your job a little easier; "One audio or video enhancement for $200, or both for $400 (normally priced at $595 and $990 respectively)".  Because of these deep discounts, we do have a few restrictions.

1. You are our client:
All parties to the investigation must be located within California.  You must be a verifiable licensed California private investigator, and our service fee must be pre-paid using your credit card or check (not your client's).  You will be our only point of contact
, and your account must be in good standing with your PI association and us.

2. Special considerations:
This offer bypasses our usual quoting and pre-sale evaluation processes.  However, if we determine that your expectations are unrealistic, we will refund your payment without performing any work.  All work is performed under the strict guidance of
Doug Carner.  Once work has begun, our results are non-refundable and must be accepted "as-is", as we cannot guarantee that enhancement technology can or will produce everything that you or your client is hoping for.  Because of your PI organization affiliation, we will rush your case file at no extra charge (normally $200), for a fast turn around of about one to two days.

3. Our normal terms apply:
As per our normal AUDIO and VIDEO enhancement policy, the portion of the recording that we are to work on must be continuous, and under 20 minutes in duration.  Processing longer durations requires our $200 EXTEND service for each additional 20 minutes or less.  If your recording has both audio and video, and we are hired to only enhance one, then that is what you will receive (just an audio file, or a silent video) unless you purchase our $100 REPACK service.  Additonal
services (e.g. stills, authentication, measurement, report, testimony, etc...) are also available.

If this offer will help your case, simply pay here (instructions), upload your recording here, and list your instructions & expectations on our web form.  Be sure to include your contact email and phone number, along with your PI license number.

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